SCENAR History

SCENAR: space technologies for medicine

SCENAR: space technologies for medicineRITM OKB ZAO company was created in May 1980. The name of the organization was «Special Design Bureau of Medical Information-automated diagnostic systems („MIDAS“) at the Taganrog State University of Radio engineering». Wherefore was a new OKB established?

Soviet Union began to fall behind the Western countries in the field of medical equipment; this gap became more noticeable in the end of 80’s. The task for the new design office was to eliminate this gap.

In 1983 OKB «MIDAS» was renamed to OKB «RITM» at TRTI; in 1998 the organization got its current name RITM OKB ZAO. From the outset the key activity of OKB was the development of health systems and devices for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases and also systems and devices for psycho-physiological assessment. Centers for training pilots, sailors, divers and representatives of other sensitive occupations were interested in cooperation with OKB.

One of the most important customers was the «Cosmonauts Training Center».

The first contract for the development of SCENAR device was signed on December 12, 1986 with some mysterious company, which had only the mailbox — G-4897 instead of the address. One could highly likely state that it had been one of the units of the USSR Space Agency. The new SCENAR device was immediately put to clinical studies. The studies gave so unexpected results that in the late 80’s there emerged a high demand for SCENAR therapy. A large number of patients made it possible to generalize the obtained results, which contributed to the emergence of a new trend in medicine — SCENAR therapy and a new medical specialty — SCENAR therapist.

The creators of SCENAR therapy were two physicians. Yuri Gorfinkel was the author of subjectively dosed mode (SDR) of the device. He passed away early because of his participation in the clean-up operations of the Chernobyl disaster. Alexander Revenko was the author of individually-dosed mode (IDR). Both of these techniques are classic and complement each other. As time went on SCENAR therapy techniques became more complicated. As the result SCENAR therapy trainings emerged both in Russia and abroad.

There is one fact that indicates a high level of new OKB: the first director and the chief developer of OKB was Vladimir Zaharevich, who later became the first rector of the Southern Federal University (SFU). He has been in the position of the general director since January 1981 till April 1990.

Confidently looking to the future

RITM OKB ZAO has been developing and manufacturing the high-end medical equipment for 40 years of its business.

RITM OKB ZAO has been developing and manufacturing the high-end medical equipment for 40 years of its business. Our main invention was the SCENAR device that now helps people all over the world.

Since the time the very first SCENAR devices appeared RITM OKB ZAO carries out continuous R&D work aimed at their update. High efficiency and safety of the devices are approved by numerous tests and clinical studies.

As a result the SCENAR therapy has been recognized on all five continents, in more than 30 countries, including the countries of the EC, the US, Canada, Australia, Mexico, South Korea, Israel, South Africa etc.

Our days

SCENAR® FORCE (SCENAR® NT 02. 01 C) is the most advanced and multifunctional model


SCENAR® FORCE (SCENAR® NT 02. 01 C) is the most advanced and multifunctional model, incorporating all available functions and signal variables developed up-to-date in SCENAR® technology. SCENAR® Professional device is intended for use by healthcare professionals. It features an extensive range of variants, allowing the practitioner a full control over the treatment protocol. SCENAR® signal, comprising of a waveform, signal strength (voltage and current) and frequency, can be varied in a number of ways, either by preselection by the operator or automatically by the control circuitry of the device. The visual indicators on the LED screen guide the practitioner. The LED display also allows…
SCENAR ® Super Pro

SCENAR® PRO Plus (SCENAR-1 NT 02. 01 C)

This is the most popular version among professional users, which constitutes the best compromise between the price and quality. As compared with the previous version (RITMSCENAR Pro), this device functionality is extended to include the second mode of dosed stimulation (Dose 2 — a differential dose), a screening mode (Dose 3) and four (4) modes of combined modulation (Swing) that allows to change parameters of stimulation pulses (a form, number of pulses in a burst, a Gap between pulses and pulse frequency) simultaneously and use their different combinations. The device is very popular among physical therapists. *A new version of RITMSCENAR Pro Plus is now available in the USA. It features color screen with additional brightness and customer…
new model SCENAR CHANS 01M SPORT D 2021 BLUE color box
new model SCENAR CHANS 01M SPORT D 2021 BLUE color box
new model SCENAR CHANS 01M SPORT D 2021 BLUE color box
new model SCENAR CHANS 01M SPORT D 2021 BLUE color box


New model SCENAR Sport D 2021 BLUE color box We are glad to share that we are launching the new generation of CHANS-SCENAR personal devices. 2021 Their functionality changed greatly because now it utilizes the principles of SCENAR therapy which are based on fundamental neurophysiology. (Device only – Rx required before shipment)


The CHANS-01-SCENAR-M is one of the newest models in the personal SCENAR devices family. It is identical in functions to the RITMSCENAR Sport model but is equipped with a LCD screen. The small screen displays energy strength, current settings and skin contact indication which makes it very easy to use and operate. (Device only – Rx required before shipment) The CHANS-01-SCENAR-M supports four impulse Frequencies – 14Hz, 60Hz, 90Hz and 340Hz, suitable for treating degenerative processes (low frequencies) or inflammatory processes in acute state (high frequencies). This allows the user to select the most appropriate treatment setting for the phase of…