SCENAR® FORCE is the most advanced and multifunctional model, incorporating all available functions and signal variables developed up-to-date in SCENAR® technology.

SCENAR® Professional device is intended for use by healthcare professionals such as Physiotherapists, Nurses, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Rehabilitation Practitioners, Podiatrists, Massage and Sports Therapists, as well as Veterinarians. SCENAR Professional models have been designed to meet high standards for application in clinical practice and are robustly constructed for daily use.

SCENAR® Professional devices are multifunctional and powerful tools, intended to be used as an analgesic peripheral nerve stimulator to be placed on the skin to treat the pain of various etiologies. SCENAR® technology is proven to provide effective pain relief and faster recovery times. SCENAR® can be particularly effective for certain chronic conditions where other treatments have failed. The new features are based on continual research, experience and close interaction with leading pain, sport, and rehabilitation specialists. The important ‘know-how’ of the devices – the mode which allows determining necessary stimulation parameters automatically.

SCENAR® Professional device features an extensive range of variants, allowing the practitioner a full control over the treatment protocol. SCENAR® signal, comprising of a waveform, signal strength (voltage and current) and frequency, can be varied in a number of ways, either by preselection by the therapist or automatically by the control circuitry of the device. The visual indicators on the LED screen guide the practitioner. The LED display also allows the user to run diagnostic protocols.

SCENAR® FORCE (SCENAR®1 NT 02. 01 C) device supports four Modes of operation:

Manual Mode – D-0 – all device settings, localization of active points and treatment durations are determined subjectively by the therapist.

Dosing Modes – Modes D-1, D-2. The treatment time is determined by the device and depends on the changes in the skin parameters.

Screening Modes – D-3, D-4 (Preset #7) – a measuring mode for quick determination of the most optimal treatment zones.

The device can be set with various amplitude modulations depending on the stage of the pain process, treatment area and the individual response of the body. Amplitude Modulations (AM) integrated into SCENAR® FORCE are: 1:1:, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4 and 1:5.

Five Damping modes are available in SCENAR® FORCE to be used according to the complaint phase, skin sensitivity and body response.

Frequency Modulation (FM) set in SCENAR® FORCE ranges from 30Hz to 120Hz. As an addition to FM modes, SCENAR® FORCE also supports four Swing modes in preventing the body’s accommodation to the signal.

Frequencies (F) can be selected within the range of 15Hz to 350Hz and can be utilized in the treatment of different phases of the complaint.

The practitioner can also control and modify other parameters of the device, such as: impulse Intensity, duration of Gaps between impulses and Energy (E) for achieving optimal treatment results.

With its 32 pre-built setting combinations (Presets), the practitioner can start using the device straight out of the box and provide effective treatment with minimal training.

1 Fast Aid9 Periph.Pain17 Relax25 Sport Prep
2 SubAcute10 JointAcute18 LittlMuscul26 Sport After
3 ChronicPain11 JointChron19 BigMuscul27 Milk Acid
4 Irradiation12 JointTraum20 Myo Sup28 Acute Trauma
5 PointPain13 JointCaps21 Myo Uni29 Limph
6 LocalPain14 Trigger22 Myo Deep30 Low FM
7 Symetry15 Preparation23 Stim Relax31 High FM
8 Centr.Pain16 Myo24 Myo Isoton32 FM-Var

All our SCENAR devices come with a 30-day money back guarantee; 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, owner’s manual, and customer support.

We ship USPS Priority mail 2 business Days to USA.

SCENAR® FORCE Package includes:

  • 1 Small Electrode
  • 1 Two-way lead wire for pads
  • 1 Self-adhesive Square Electrode (2″X2″)
  • *** Flash: 4 webinar recordings (2 hour each and Pdf File)

With your SCENAR® FORCE Package purchase, you’ll gain access to an entire SCENAR world of knowledge and possibilities

Life is too short to be in pain. How much does it cost you to be unwell? You deserve to live life to its fullest. SCENAR professional devices put the control of your pain in your hands. It’s important for a physician or other healthcare provider to assess your medical condition and history. The single purchase of SCENAR professional device, over its lifetime, is far less than the cost of medication and far less than even minimally invasive surgery.

SCENAR® FORCE provides you with everything you and your family need to get your body’s voltage back on track, make new healthy cells, and to feel better and stay well!


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