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Arab Health 2019

NEWS RITM OKB ZAO at the Arab Health 2019

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Arab Health kicked off yesterday at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Welcoming more than 84,500 healthcare and trade professionals to explore the latest products and services from 4,150 companies, Arab Health is where the healthcare world comes to do business. RITM OKB ZAO exhibits in the Russian pavilion. RITM OKB ZAO stand was visited by…

SCENAR-therapy in Ischemic Stroke Rehabilitation

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SCENAR-therapy in Ischemic Stroke Rehabilitation This research is current as we suggest a new multiple approach to post-stroke rehabilitation, with SCENAR as a basic therapy. Treatment Design Combination of SCENAR-therapy and corrective mechanical therapy in order to restore deep proprioceptive sensation and coordination of movements. Treatment of General zones only (‘Collar zone’, ‘3 pathways and…

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