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SCENAR trademark certificate is obtained in Israel!

SCENAR trademark certificate is obtained in Israel!

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The very first certificate on SCENAR is obtained in Israel! RITM OKB ZAO gained an access to the Israeli medical device market—one of the largest in the Middle East. Their medical device application for SCENAR devices – both Professional and Personal – have been recently approved by AMAR, the Israeli Ministry of Health. SCENAR is…
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  Dr. Brandy Rose Lipscomb Scenar Therapy for Pain Relief: An Introduction with Case Studies Scenar Therapy – it is likely that most of you have never heard of it, so allow me to briefly introduce you. The RITM Scenar medical device is a non-invasive biofeedback device designed by the Russians for their Space Program…

Effect of Interactive Neurostimulation Therapy

Effect of Interactive Neurostimulation Therapy on Inflammatory Response in Patients With Chronic and Recurrent Mechanical Neck Pain The RITMSCENAR Super Pro v.2 Professional is the latest product for professionals in the effective treatment of pain and injury. RITMSCENAR is designed specifically for pain and rehabilitation specialists. Interactive technology is combined with a new user interface…
Point Electrode

RITMSCENAR “Point Electrodes”

The point coaxial / dual polarity electrode is also referred to as a multipurpose acupuncture attachment is designed to be used on acupuncture points and auricular areas – intended for acupuncturists and auriculotherapists to access any points of the body. The acupuncture electrode (probe) is used on the same acupuncture points and for the same…
Noninvasive Interactive Neurostimulation Therapy

RITMSCENAR ® designed & used by Professionals Worldwide!

RITMSCENAR ® designed & used by Professionals Worldwide! Playing sports, whether at a recreational or competitive level often carries the risk of injury. If left untreated, some injuries can lead to chronic pain or irreversible joint wear. The way in which RITMSCENAR stimulation is delivered and the treatment application produces effective and enhanced results –…