Dr Iolanta demonstrates SCENAR Technique @ Method "ONE"

Dr Iolanta demonstrates SCENAR Technique @ Method “ONE”


SCENAR Pro is designed to work in either auto or manual mode.
What does this mean?
It means with a SCENAR in “diagnostic mode” you can measure exactly where the “electrical” disturbances are and then based on those measurements pin point the treatment area.
SCENAR Technique :” Method No. 1″ is performed only on the route “3P6P”.(usually at the beginning of the course of treatment)
The purpose of METHOD № 1:
–Examine the patient’s skin in the treatment area on the routes and see the dynamics of the body’s response in the areas of interest
–Compare the obtained dynamics of the patient’s body response Dosing (Dose (*) and form the memory for the body in the most active (dynamic) areas (get Zero @ “0”).
–Compare the obtained Zero’s @ “0” and in the max Zero @ “0” zone train the weakened adaptive mechanisms by treating in FmVAR (FV) mode
We select the frequency, wave form/shape, amplitude and other settings based on the character of the pain being experienced.
RITM SCENAR Pro can also be used in Presets mode.


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