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Effects of Scenar therapy on autonomic nervous system

Effects of Scenar therapy on autonomic nervous system

Catholic University of Korea, South Korea

Background: This study was conducted to find out the effects of Scenar (self-controlled energo neuro-adaptive regulator) therapy on the autonomic nervous system.

Methods: 16 healthy volunteers aged 29 to 57 were recruited through advertisement. All the subjects gave their informed consent.

Subjects received higher technique of Scenar therapy. We measured their HRV before and after Scenar therapy using SA-2000 (Medicore, Korea).

Results: Mean heart rate (80.2/min vs. 78.3/min; P=0.000) decreased significantly after SCENAR therapy. SDNN (The standard  deviation of normal to normal intervals, 39.5 ms vs. 49.8; P=0.000), total power (752.0 ms2 vs. 1208.7 ms2; P=0.000) and log LF (low frequency; 0.04-0.15Hz, 4.9 vs. 5.3; P=0.000) were significantly increased. However, there were no significant differences in RMSSD (square root of the mean of the sum of the square of differences between adjacent NN intervals), and log HF (high frequency; 0.15–0.40 Hz).

Conclusion: The result of this study suggests that higher technique of Scenar therapy has a positive effect on autonomic function.



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  • Several studies have shown that spinal manipulative therapies had an immediate effect on autonomic nervous system activity (sympathoexcitatory effect) and on pressure pain sensitivity (hypoalgesic effect).


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