Comb Electrode

RITMSCENAR coaxial electrode “Comb Electrode”


Small Hair Comb Electrode is designed for treating the hairy parts of the body.

“Comb Electrode” can be applied on areas with moderate body hair; it helps access the skin that is located underneath the hair. It is intended to stimulate hairy zones of the body.
Extremely useful when working directly on the scalp, e.g. craniotherapy.
Combination of SCENAR procedures (general zones) with “Comb Electrode” techniques leads to more stable and quick healing results.

All the effects, typical for the SCENAR therapy can be achieved with “Comb Electrode”:

– betterment of the sleep, mood and work capability, activating vitality;
– improvement of the activity of sense organs and mental activity;
– improvement of the higher nervous activity and normalization of the behavioral reactions;
– normalization of the head energetics (by Voll’s study);
– stimulation of the parts of the brain, especially partially damaged zones.

“Comb Electrode” also can be used in pets and animals.


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