SCENAR Technique "Bib"

 SCENAR Technique “Bib”


 SCENAR Technique "Bib"“Bib” zone is individually determined for each patient. 

Ask a patient to spread a thumb and a pinky out of a fist at a 90-degree angle – shaka sign. Place a thumb into suprasternal notch and draw an arc/half-circle around the neck on the front. 

SCENAR Technique “Bib” is used for acute respiratory diseases, bronchitis, and pneumonia. 

If you treat “Bib” zone by sliding the device in D-0 FM or D-1, F-90Hz, go “bottom-top” up to the end of the chin. Use the comfortable level of

treatment energy and spend 5-10 minutes 

 SCENAR Technique "Bib"
 SCENAR Technique "Bib"

 This is one of several techniques that can be used for self-treatment. 

Instead of the device you can use an external electrode – EPU-1 with stainless steel contacts. 


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