Welcome to our online store

Welcome to our online store


Welcome to our online store, where you can buy SCENAR devices that communicate with your body!

In our online store you can quickly and easily pick and purchase the devices. We carry:

  • SCENAR Professional, a device for doctors and therapists,
  • SCENAR Home, a convenient device for use at home and while traveling, which can also be easily used by non-medical professionals after a short training.

When you buy SCENAR from us you get extensive written documentation, some video materials and we also support you after the purchase.

If you are wondering what SCENAR is, we are here to explain.

SCENAR is an acronym for Self Controlled Energo-Neuro Adaptive Regulator. SCENAR is both a device and a therapy.

SCENAR – a top-notch form of electrotherapy combined with biofeedback, is a holistic, highly effective, and particularly gentle treatment for the entire body. The most obvious reason for buying it is the ability to treat both acute and chronic pain, however SCENAR has performed exceptionally well for treatment of many other conditions. SCENAR therapy is based on two principles: the body is able to heal itself and constantly seeks to maintain balance, i.e., health, through self-regulation.

Throughout life, the body has to adapt to changing environmental conditions. In addition, it is affected by internal and external destructive factors (climate changes, viral infections, etc.). The human body is equipped with all recovery mechanisms to adequately respond to irritants and destructive factors and maintain the energy system in balance (homeostasis); however, the disruptive factors may be too strong and the adaptability too low and overwhelm the energy system. Thus, the degree of health impairment depends on the severity of the disorder and the body’s own regulatory ability. SCENAR biofeedback application develops the processes of adaptation and regulation in order to show the way to self-healing for a disturbed and unbalanced system and accelerate this process through targeted stimulation. If the energy system fails to develop sufficient defense mechanisms, it becomes unbalanced. By releasing the blocks, the forces of self-healing can be activated, and the system brought into balance. Expressed in physical terms, this means that the resistance of the skin decreases and the conductivity increases. Technically, this is done using electrodes that are placed directly on the skin and emit light electrical impulses that affect the electromagnetic vibrations of the body. This means that there is a constant exchange of information.

SCENAR therapy – an interactive form of electrotherapy is fundamentally different from all types of electrotherapy; it uses an impulse technique that is constantly changing by measuring the impulse responses generated in the body. SCENAR sends an electrical signal, measures the tissue response time to that signal, and continually modifies the signal until an optimal healing response is achieved. SCENAR is a good energy pusher, so it contributes a lot to maintaining health.

In other words, SCENAR impulses release certain substances-messengers from the nerve cell, which enter the target cell through the bloodstream and initiate cell-biological improvements in it. One of these effects is pain relief, but the action of SCENAR goes far beyond this, because by optimizing body functions, diseases can be treated in various areas. A healthy body controls its vital functions such as heartbeat, breathing, blood pressure, digestion and metabolism through the autonomic nervous system to maintain internal self-regulation. However, during illness this ability is limited, and your body takes over the wrong functions. With its impulses, SCENAR stimulates the body to split the nerve signal structures that have come to a standstill.

The main effects of SCENAR treatment include: pain relief, anti-inflammatory effect, reduction of soft tissue edema, improvement of lymph flow, acceleration of wound healing, especially for scar care after operations.


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