Dear customers!

Time after time there are statements in the Internet about creation of new devices that are technically similar to SCENAR or even superior. Usually the developers of such devices do not have their own clinical database. In order to prove efficiency and safety of their products they use clinical data that were obtained…during studies of SCENAR device.
Such approach is legitimate only when developed products really have the same characteristics as SCENAR.
Unfortunately, the real customer has no opportunity to check if it is true. Such check can be made only by the SCENAR device manufacturer that has respective quality acceptance tests, necessary equipment, and qualified staff.
We have to perform such checking from time to time. There was not a single case when “analog” turned out to have all the necessary characteristics. But that means that using clinical data to prove clinical efficiency of such “analogs” is inappropriate and is a fraud.
The only way to avoid becoming a victim of such fraud is to use SCENAR devices produced by RITM OKB ZAO or under its license.
Regarding all products that state themselves to be “like SCENAR or even better”, we strongly recommend you do demand from their manufacturer clinical data that were obtained using the device they produce and advertise, but not SCENAR.
Best regards, Yury Starovoytov
General Director of RITM OKB ZAO

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