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One in five Americans live in pain.

We now know that PAIN is a learned response of the nervous system in conjunction with the immune system and therefore, especially in chronic pain, we should be able to retrain the systems to restore function and then stop the pain.

Years of clinical experience have shown that SCENAR® can provide this retraining. To understand how this is done, we first need to look at the concepts of functional systems and pathological systems, and how manual non-invasive neurostimulation (SCENAR®) is interactive in these systems.

When the body is healthy and functional, the brain easily controls all processes in the body.

Pain is a signal that the part of the body that is suffering needs protection.

When there is a dysfunction, the brain explores and makes a plan to restore function to solve the problem, and it does this through mild adaptive responses.

PAIN IS ASSOCIATED WITH THE PROTECTION OF THE PART OF THE BODY THAT WE THINK NEED PROTECTION, and it is not necessarily associated with tissue damage. It puts a wall in front of the healing.

In chronic cases, we often have an overprotective nervous system dominated by the sympathetic nervous system (SNS).

SCENAR® signal breaks this dominance by stimulating the release of regulatory neuropeptides from the brain (hypothalamus) to activate the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) as we recover.

SCENAR® regulates, by means of adaptive regulatory ligaments, impulses that are controlled by the body’s own responses and thus enhances the adaptive responses of the body so that recovery begins.

The first thing that happens is the restoration of function, which always precedes pain relief.

Healthcare professionals in all medical specialties can benefit from this revolutionary bio-controlled electrostimulation device.

In many chronic cases, pain is not caused by tissue damage, but by the response of the nervous system to a repeated false signal.

Again, our clinical experience has shown that SCENAR® can most often solve this problem.

SCENAR® devices are FDA cleared Class II medical devices (510 K), RITMSCENAR has been cleared by the FDA (Canada and Mexico Health) and CE Europe for use in treating Chronic and Acute Pain. The Special Design Bureau “RITM” has become one of the few companies in the world that has passed a high-level verification for compliance with the EU Medical Device Regulation MDR 2017/745 requirements. The new Regulations turned out to be much more demanding than the previous MDD ones.


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