SCENAR Treatment of the Back Pain Caused by the Hard Work in the Garden

SCENAR Treatment of the Back Pain Caused by the Hard Work in the Garden


Back Pain Caused by the Hard Work in the GardenMost of us do gardening for fun. And sometimes it takes hard work to care for your raised flowerbeds, or dig, top with fresh soil, fertilize and mulch your vegetable garden, or rake the dirt, plant your herbs, and water them regularly…

Whatever you do in the yard it is much different from your normal sedentary lifestyle. A lot of bending, kneeling, stretching, lifting and carrying heavy stuff causes lower back pain. And we want you to try something different this time to get a relief. We suggest that you try these very simple SCENAR lower back anti-pain techniques.

Lower Abdomen and Lower Back as a local treatment zone

Place your palm above your pubic bone. Draw a rectangle around the palm. This will be the zone for the front zone to treat. You do not have to leave a line, as long as you know where the borders are.

Drawing a line attracts additional body’s attention to the area, which is always good.

Then place your palm over your sacral area and have someone draw a rectangle around your palm. This will be your back zone to treat.

In case of acute pain with limitation of functional activity of the lower back use following settings and their combinations:

SCENAR Pro: D-0, F-120Hz, E – comfortable, AM- 5:1, FM, Sw1, Sw4.

Treat every 2 hours until getting stable positive dynamics of the complaint and functional dynamics of the spine.

Usage of the external electrodes (EPU-01, self-adhesive patches) for a long-time local self-treatment is highly recommended.

Unfortunately, in most cases, back self-treatment is not possible, and the help of another person is required.

Before treatment, examine and palpate the muscles and skin in the area of complaints in the back. Identify tense, compacted muscles, the presence of edema. If the pain is in the muscles, find the tightest part of the muscle (“Center of Muscle Mass”).

In the presence of acute point pain, treat only the point of pain.Back Pain Caused by the Hard Work in the Garden

FM for 1.5-2 minutes,

F-90H for 2-3 minutes.

If in the area of the point pain a small edema or a compacted muscle is determined during palpation, it is recommended to treat the projection of the tense muscle along it with light rubbing/ massage-like movements.

In the presence of muscle pain, begin treatment with the most tensed part (point) of the muscle.

-FM for 2 minutes,

F-90Hz (Treat the entire muscle with slow massage-like movements. The direction of movement of the device is along the muscles, mainly from top to bottom, from the periphery to the spine.)

It is important to remember that when moving the device over the skin, the electrode should be pressed firmly, with light compression. Do not move the electrode too fast. The speed of movement of the electrode is not faster than 2 centimeters/ 1 inch per second.

If “stickiness” is found and the electrode cannot be moved, the tactics are as follows:

stop for 1-2 minutes, pull off the electrode from the skin and move it to a point above the sticking zone (back), then move it again, when a new stickiness is detected, stay and hold the electrode for a few seconds, move a few centimeters back and again move to the sticking area,

repeat the movement along the sticking zone with returns back until the entire zone is passed.

If the muscles are inflamed on one side, treat the painful side with F-90Hz, and the symmetrical side with F-60H. The treatment time for the healthy side should half as much as the time for treating the sore one.

It is recommended to use “Pawns” electrode. In this case, place the electrodes on the sides of the sore area, first in the FM mode -2 minutes, then switch the device to the F=90 Hz mode, place the electrodes at the beginning and end – attachment points of the muscle and treat the entire muscle with slow massage-like movements. The electrodes should go towards each other.



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