pain relief device SCENAR

Russian Journal of Physiotherapy, Balneology and Rehabilitation


Vol 13, No 5 (2014)




Federal state budgetary institution Siberian Federal Research and Clinical Centre,
Federal Medical and Biological Agency, Tomsk, Russia

by Smirnova I.N., Levitsky E.F., Bredikhina E.Yu., Simagaeva N.N., Antipova I.I.,
Alaitseva S.V., Barabash L.V., Golosova O.E., Semenova Yu.V.


Numerous recent studies show that geophysical and climatic factors significantly affect the human body. Seasonal climate variability, combined with fluctuations in helio-geophysical parameters (magnetic and solar activity), causes intense natural pressure on human health, which leads to desynchronosis. In persons suffering from chronic diseases, including hypertension, such desynchronosis provokes seasonal exacerbations and further progression of the underlying disease.

Studies conducted in 2002-2011. in the Tomsk Scientific Research Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy, showed that patients with essential hypertension have clear peri-annual features of the functioning of the main body systems. The peri-annual dynamics of the blood pressure level was manifested by an increase in the average values of systolic and diastolic blood pressure in the summer and autumn months of the year,

The aim of the study was to develop new approaches to the prescribing of therapeutic physical factors in terms of the state of the cardiovascular system, the adaptive and psychological status of patients with hypertensive heart disease (HD) in different seasons. They performed a study of 186 patients with HD, divided into 2 groups, comparable in terms of basic clinical characteristics. Patients of the 1st group received a treatment complex consisting of therapeutic physical therapy, massage, iodine-bromine baths and extremely high frequency (EHF) therapy (complex 1), patients of the 2nd group were additionally given SCENAR therapy (complex 2). The general effect of SCENAR therapy on the body is expressed in the activation of nonspecific mechanisms of immune defense, antioxidant action, optimization of the ratio of the tone of the sympathetic and parasympathetic parts of the autonomic nervous system. SCENAR therapy performed with SCENAR-1-NT device and consisted of Collar Zone and the scalp treatment (with an external comb electrode) with F- 90 Hz with a total procedure duration of 20-25 minutes, labile method daily, for a course of 10-12 procedures (complex 2).

The analysis of the effectiveness of treatment in the seasons of the year established for the region of Western Siberia showed that the effectiveness of the treatment complex 1 in the summer and fall seasons was lower than in the spring and winter seasons (p = 0.001). Therefore, the treatment was supplemented by SCENAR therapy in the named seasons to ensure adequate correction of the pathological changes. It was found that the differentiated use of these physical factors in different seasons of the year resulted in a more pronounced regression of the symptoms of hypertensive disease, improved brain electrical activity and psychological status of the patients, exerted marked hypolipidemic and hypotensive action, and increased the overall round-the-year effectiveness of the treatment.


Tags: Physical Therapy, SCENAR, SCENAR THERAPY

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