Quality SCENAR® approach to treatment is very effective and efficient in treating most muscle and joint injuries.

Treatment consists of: SCENAR diagnostics and individually designed recovery protocols, which you can also perform at home.Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition that prevents you from doing what you love. If you don’t take care of this condition, you are likely to experience chronic heel pain. Also, knee, hip and back problems often develop over time. The best thing if you suspect you have Plantar Fasciitis is to get diagnosed and start treatment quickly. At the first signs of deforming arthrosis and flat feet, when there are periodic or persistent pain in the forefoot, as well as in the metatarsophalangeal joint and other joints of the foot, it is necessary to begin treatment aimed at relieving pain, swelling and improving blood circulation in the feet. A highly effective method of treating these conditions is percutaneous dynamic electro-neuro-stimulation with SCENAR® devices.

When the first complaints appear, you need to work in the projection of the complaint. If this is the first metatarsophalangeal joint (Hallux rigid us), then they begin to work on it. Start with the progressive movements from bottom to top in a constant mode (D-0), move/slide the device from the tip of the toe along the inner, dorsal and plantar surfaces to the heel area. The duration of treatment is determined individually; taking into account the sign of small asymmetries and depending on the severity of pain, swelling of the foot and other complaints, can be 10-15-20 minutes.

Then, in D-0 treat the antero-outer and outer surface of the shin/lower leg, also taking into account small asymmetries. The next step, in an Individually Dosed Mode (IDR), treat symmetrical zones of a healthy limb in the direction from bottom to top (10-15 minutes). If the pain in the first metatarsophalangeal joint and fatigue of the foot completely disappeared during the procedure, then do not treat other areas of the body. Repetition of the course is also not required, and SCENAR therapy is used only in case of new complaints. If the pain syndrome is persistent, a course of SCENAR® therapy is performed for 10-15 days, daily treating the indicated areas 1-2 times a day.

In these cases, the procedure additionally includes the treatment on the parts/ routs of General Zones in IDR. These include zones of 3 Pathways or Lower back/Lumbosacral zone. If the cause of fatigue and pain in the forefoot is the flat feet, then the entire foot is treated from the toes to the level of the ankle joint in D-0 in the direction from bottom to top. Next, symmetrical areas of a healthy limb are treated in IDR (D-1).
Often, the effect of a one-time procedure can be noted, but with a more pronounced pain syndrome, it is advisable to perform a course of SCENAR® treatment including on the parts/ routs of General Zones (3 Pathways or Lower back/Lumbosacral zone).

SCENAR procedure for a flat feet and heel spur

With the pain syndrome, specific for the heel spur, the same zones of the foot and
shin/lower leg are treated, but with great attention on the lateral and plantar surfaces of the heel area.

General recommendations for SCENAR therapy:

  • Always begin to work according to the leading complaint in the D-0 /constant mode in the projection of pain.
  • Regardless of the cause of the pain, after the edema on the foot subsides, the device can be moved from top to bottom.
  • If pathological changes in the foot, leading to improper load of the lower limb when standing and walking, cause pain in the knee joint, then additionally treat both knee joints.
  •  The hurting/diseased knee joint is treated with rotational or progressive movements in D- 0, and the healthy one in the same zones in D-1. In the case of the same severity of pain in both knee joints, alternate the modes.
  • If back pain occurs after the IDR of 3 Pathways, treat Lower back/Lumbosacral zone in D-0.
  • Energy (depends on the severity of the pain syndrome) – from comfortable to high.
  • SCENAR® signal quickly eliminates pain, helping athletes and other active people to return
    to painless activities, avoiding recurrence of injuries.
  • Based on extensive research, it only takes about 3 treatment sessions to completely heal
    the injury, and you can stay active during treatment.
  •  It is advisable to supplement SCENAR® therapy with paraffin or ozokerite applications with
    massage of the muscles of the foot and shin/lower leg.
  • This improves blood circulation in the foot, reduces swelling and pain.


RITMSCENAR®can successfully relieve the pain of plantar fasciitis.


RITMSCENAR®can successfully relieve the pain of plantar fasciitis.
If you suffer from debilitating pain from plantar fasciitis know that help is at hand through SCENAR therapy.


SCENAR can successfully relieve the pain of plantar fasciitis. Treatment is possible at any time upon happening:

  • Direct projection of pain area;
  • Treatment of a symmetrical area;

Acute condition
Device settings: Preset “Acute” or
D-0, D-2; F->100Hz; Damping – Sk2, Sk4, Var; Fm, SW1-SW4; Int- 2-4; Gap-40-80.

Multiple treatments during a day.
The duration of treatment – until the dynamics of pain (possible use of external/remote electrodes for prolonged effect).
To enhance the analgesic effects additionally treat:

  • the thoracic spine/ the middle segment of the vertebral column;
  •  the spine in the projection of the complaint;
  •  SCENAR Technique “Collar zone”;
  •  “Reciprocal zone”.
  1. The 1st period is the “immobilization”. SCENAR device is recommended to eliminate the swelling at the area of a trauma, to speed up knitting and catagmatic process, to form a flexible scar in early postoperative period.
  2. The 2nd period is the limb function recovery after removing immobilization (strengthening muscles, joint movement development, and the recovery of supporting functions for the injured limb). The above tasks are solved by applying both, SCENAR therapy and regular therapeutic exercises. They result in the recovery of joint movements, improving the microcirculation of the injured area.
  3. The 3rd period is training. The complementing use of therapeutic exercises and SCENAR device contributes to the complete recovery of functions and the whole body. If a full recovery is impossible the therapeutic exercises and SCENAR ® therapy form new compensation (adaptive and substitutive) motor skills.

Chronic Condition:
Device settings:
Presets “Chronic” / “Recovery” or
D-0, F – 90, 60, < 60 ( 15) Hz
Damping Sk1, Sk3, Var; Int- 5-8;
FМ, SW2; Gap: 10-40

In fact, SCENAR® can assist with reducing pain related to many acute and chronic health conditions.
RITMSCENAR® has been cleared by the FDA (Canada and Mexico Health) CE Europe for use in treating Chronic & Acute Pain.


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