SCENAR child-pain therapy

Why not own a Scenar device? 

Why not own a Scenar device? 
And keep both yourself and your family in tiptop health and wellbeing.
It is a process and it is really better to start before problems show up.
The Scenar home use device is a perfect family home use device and is very simple to use. The Scenar is a valuable first aid tool for cuts, bangs, bruises and many other problems.
It easily fits in your pocket or bag and can always be on hand!

The electrode of Scenar medical device is placed directly on any area of the skin. It can be moved over the skin or remain stationary.
The RitmScenar Professional device is a powerful stand-alone therapy tool, or an additional tool for the practitioners of other therapies, be it for natural health practitioners, doctors, nurses, para-medics and other medical personnel.

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  • C.C. Kuzmanovic
    12/04/2018 8:05 PM

    I agree 100% with the idea of Scenar ownership by families, especially families with children! This technology is both non-invasive and of the most effectively healing kind!


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