WEBINAR SCENAR Therapy - Advanced SCENAR Techniques for Treating the Facial Neuralgia Pain

Advanced SCENAR Techniques for Treating the Facial Neuralgia Pain


RITMSCENAR OKB Inc (ritmscenarusa.com) is the only legal and official provider of SCENAR trainings in the USA approved by the manufacturer – RITM OKB ZAO company (Taganrog, Russia).

Recently, there has been particular focus on conducting the online webinars every month. Our SCENAR webinars provide a safe and convenient learning environment.

We proudly bring you the best in SCENAR therapy. Our materials are suitable for SCENAR professionals who aim at increasing and expanding their qualifications and business possibilities, and beginners who just learn the basics of SCENAR therapy as well as the participants who prefer to take care of themselves on their own.

Please join us on:
April 29th, 2021 at 11:00 am EST for our ZOOM webinar
“Advanced SCENAR Techniques for Treating the Facial Neuralgia Pain.”

Facial neuralgia pain is very common complaint that SCENAR has a great success with. Neuralgia refers to severe, shooting pain that occurs due to a damaged or irritated nerve. SCENAR treatment options for neuralgia vary depending on the type and severity of the condition. Overall, SCENAR tends to be very effective at controlling neuralgia pain.


SCENAR therapy for:

  1. TMJ (temporomandibular joint) syndrome. This condition has earned the nickname of “The Great Imposter” because it produces such a wide variety of symptoms and mimics, so many different diseases. It can cause facial and neck pains, difficulty opening the mouth or chewing, earaches and congestion, sinus pain, headaches, and shoulder pain. SCENAR can locate those affected areas. SCENAR treatment stimulates the release of endorphins and the relaxation effect so that the muscles can relax and the jaw returns to alignment. It also reduces the inflammation in the affected tissues.
  2. Trigeminal Neuralgia Pain. Trigeminal neuralgia is nerve pain in the face, teeth, mouth, or nose. Attacks of pain may occur on one or both sides of the face. Trigeminal neuralgia is also called tic douloureux. As we know SCENAR device doesn’t treat a particular disease however in this case it can reduce pain and get a patient some relief.
  3. Facial Nerve protocol. To treat the facial nerve (the labyrinthine segment) is the seventh cranial nerve, or simply CN VII), the traditional medicine doctor usually will prescribe medications to lessen or block the pain signals sent to your brain. SCENAR therapy, however, has been shown to be effective in treating this condition.
  4. Ganglionitis is the virus responsible for Herpes Zoster is the one responsible for the spread and development of Chicken pox. Herpes Zoster is also known as Shingles or Acute posterior ganglionitis. This is linked to the inflammation of the sensory posterior nerve roots and ganglia accompanied by crops of vesicles in the skin supplied by affected sensory nerves. The use of SCENAR for the management of post-herpetic neuralgia is very beneficial.
  5. Bell’s Palsy is a condition that causes a temporary weakness or paralysis of the muscles in the face. It can occur when the nerve that controls your facial muscles becomes inflamed, swollen, or compressed. The condition causes one side of your face to droop or become stiff. Bell’s palsy usually resolves on its own within six months. SCENAR therapy can help prevent muscles from permanently contracting and avoid severe complications.

Trainer – Galina Semyonova L.Ac., L.M.T.NYC USA,  a SCENAR practitioner of 20 years with over 12-year experience as a SCENAR instructor.

Duration – 4 hours.
Official language – English.
Fees – $75.

SCENAR webinar

Should you have any questions, or wish to place an order, please feel free to contact us at Scenar.USA@gmail.com or (817) 228–2636 Olga Davis, PhD, Executive Administrator, Training and Support.


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