This last year of quarantines, lockdowns and “new reality” has greatly affected our lives and our bodies. Significant weight gain, deteriorating vision, back pain, headaches, insomnia, digestive issues, hair loss and skin conditions, enormous stress are just some of the ways our bodies tell the story of the horrific pandemic.

How can we help our body?

SCENAR® device is our answer to most health issues. SCENAR® is an all-purpose therapeutic device that re-establishes the body’s natural physiological state and creates both localized and systemic healing.

SCENAR® is an FDA-approved, hand-held device that stands for Self-Controlled Energo-Neuro Adaptive Regulator. SCENAR® signal is used to wake up the body’s natural pharmacy of chemicals, including neuropeptides, endorphins and encephalin, which occur naturally in the brain, that reduce pain and inflammation. SCENAR® has been clinically tested and proven for over40 years.

Our health relies on the continuous exchange of energy and information within the body. Each function of the body is interrelated and works in harmony with others – that is until stress, injury or disease disrupts that communication. SCENAR® communicates with all systems of the body through direct contact on the skin, tuning into the body’s inner communication, and understanding the body’s needs from the signals being sent back and forth. SCENAR® responds to these signals accordingly with gentle electrical impulses that communicate with the nervous system to stimulate the body’s own healing process, so your body can operate with maximum efficiency again.

SCENAR® device is the latest technological achievement in pain relief and rehabilitation.

The device is classified as a biofeedback controlled energo-neuro adaptive regulator which means that the device “listens” to the body and applies the exact SCENAR® treatment type and duration the body requires to the most receptive location on the body.

SCENAR® effectively and rapidly treats acute and chronic pain of various origin, increases range of motion and promotes faster healing. SCENAR® triggers the brain to release the body’s own powerful pain-relieving substances. The device re-educates and motivates the body to strongly utilize its own internal pharmacy of bioactive compounds, particularly neuropeptides.

SCENAR therapy® is mostly associated with pain management. The objective of SCENAR® treatment is to stimulate the body’s own recovery capabilities. It does so by checking the impedance of the cutaneous nerves and releasing modulated electro-signals that are nearly similar to those discharged by the human afferent neuron, thereby creating a biofeedback circuit. This results in a faster recovery and restoration of the function. The shape of the electrical waveforms that SCENAR® device sends out into the body resembles the brain waves that are part of the parasympathetic worried system, which is the part of the worried system that motivates relaxation.

SCENAR therapy® is painless. The intensity of the electrical current is customized according to the degree of sensitivity of each patient, which permits the correct degree of stimulus to the cutaneous worried system to release healthy amounts of pain-relieving neuropeptides. Due to its ability to imitate physiological bio currents in the body, SCENAR® device promotes the c-fibers in the treatment area. By triggering the local c-fibers, it reminds the brain of the complaint, which in turn promotes continued recovery.

The number of treatments differs depending on the health condition of an individual as well as the health issue treated. SCENAR® takes the body through the healing cycle to completion. This means that once your treatment is finished, it is unlikely that you will need further treatment for the same problem. Most acute injuries only need 2 to 3 sessions and chronic pain conditions require 5 to 7 sessions in total and pain relief is usually felt within 2 sessions.

Benefits of SCENAR treatments can be felt after treatment has finished.

SCENAR® can provide pain relief for:

  • sport injuries (acute and chronic) – muscular spasms, sprained ankle, rotator cuff injury, shoulder impingement, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, piriformis syndrome, muscular and ligament strains, patellar-femur syndrome, brachial plexitis, Shlatter’s, ileotibial band syndrome, Achilles tendon injuries, migraines etc.;
  • Post-operative pain– after any surgery to control pain (after hip/knee replacement, plastic surgery, any cuts and scars as well, etc.);
  • workplace related injuries (acute and chronic) – neck and lower back pain, disc problems, frozen shoulder, joints arthritis, facet joint syndrome;
  • neuropathic pain – trigeminal neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy, peripheral neuropathies, brachial plexitis, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), fibromyalgia pain, etc.;
  • facial neuralgia pain – TMJ, Trigeminal Neuralgia Pain, Ganglionitis, Bell’s Palsy;
  • Many others – headaches, Irritable Bowel syndrome (IBS), period pains, breathing problems.

SCENAR® is also used as an anti-aging cosmetology treatment to restore and rejuvenate the beauty.

SCENAR® also can be used for prophylactic/ preventive purposes (upper respiratory disorders, pre-workout, skin aging, and osteoporosis).


SCENAR® also provides so called favorable side effects – enhanced energy, better quality sleep, increased digestion function and appetite, and a general enhanced sense of well-being.


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