If you are a traveler at heart, or have to travel domestically or internationally for business, if you travel frequently or only a few times a year, if you take a plane or a train, go on cruise, ride a bus or drive a car, this information is for you.
Along with fun of visiting new places, meeting new people, trying new foods, travel normally brings some health challenges into your life. Things like stress, sleep disorders, getting sick, weight gain, jet lag and indigestion occur a lot “on the road”. And when they happen it drastically impacts your trip – whether leisure or business.
If a healthy travel is really a big deal for you, we can help.
If you prefer to use natural, non-medicative, non-invasive healing techniques to achieve true wellness and balance in your life, we can help.

At RITMSCENAR®, we have a passion for all natural, drug-free methods of treatment that help people recover quickly and get back to doing what they love.
This passion is exhibited in our line of FDA-cleared family of electrotherapy SCENAR® devices, products and electrode accessories. SCENAR® electrostimulators activate both the local reflex mechanisms and the general response of the body to the influence of an external factor. RITMSCENAR® devices ‘scan’ the skin to locate and target areas requiring treatment, they are excellent pain relief.

SCENAR devices are easy to carry, they fit in your purse or backpack. Battery operated, no chargers or charging stations needed.

With SCENAR it is possible to maintain your health, energy and good mood, no matter what happens on your trip.

Properly using SCENAR techniques can help you:

  • lessen stress on your trips
  • sleep better on the road and in the hotel room
  • reduce jet lag symptoms
  • best support your immune and digestive systems
  • control motion sickness
  • fight off the sickness before it gets really set in (first 6-8 hours)
  • stay balanced, grounded and focused.

Also, during your travels, you might have some downtime that you can utilize to your beauty benefits. SCENAR devices can iron out those worry wrinkles off your face, remove the eye puffiness caused by headaches and restless nights, give a break to the muscles that forgot how to relax, release the locked in them worries and exhaustion, and you will feel much and look 10+ years younger.

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