Treatment of bruxism with SCENAR therapy.

Treatment of bruxism with SCENAR therapy


 Medical contributor – Dr.Iosif Semikatov, MD, SCENAR therapist

Bruxism is an involuntary, unconscious contraction of the masticatory muscles in the absence of the need to chew food, which manifests as constant clenching of teeth, grinding, rubbing and tapping.

The most common causes of bruxism are psychological. Stress and anxiety cause a person to clench or grind his/her teeth without realizing it when they are sleeping. The most common consequences of bruxism are pain in the muscles of the jaw, neck and ears, headache and dental problems. In addition to them, people suffering from this problem may have various disorders, from eating type to insomnia due to severe tooth sensitivity to cold or hot foods, as well as inflammation of the jaw.

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