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Genuine SCENAR training ( Level I) in South San Francisco, CA October 19th -21st, 2018

(Level 1 Scenar Training) on October 19-21, 2018 in Bay Area, CA
If you are looking for an original training approved by RITM OKB ZAO (taught by a level III certified trainer – Dr.Irina Ershova) this training is for you.
The Workshop On the Use Of Basic Pain Algorithms In a Rehab Clinic covers SCENAR signal and Professional and personal devices settings, SCENAR therapy principles, local complaints, zones of general regulation, specific therapy methods and practical exercises.
We are glad to inform you that this 3-day seminar will provide an unmissable opportunity to see and learn how to achieve a quick and effective response for your client in the fastest way possible.
Dr.Irina Ershova will demonstrate SCENAR® Basic methods that have been tested in practice for long lasting treatment results..
At this upcoming training we will also present a new technology for the application of “SCENAR and Conductive Gloves”, Certification from the RITM OKB ZAO following successful completion of this training.
All students should wear loose fitting comfortable clothing. As part of this hands-on training students will need to practice on each other – access to abdominal and spinal regions will be required unless students specifically request otherwise.
To register
Among other benefits, participants of the training will be able to purchase latest
SCENAR devices and electrodes with significant discounts.
Contact us  Tamara Goncharov[email protected]
Olga Davis(817) 228- 2636
Tamara Goncharov
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