What resolutions have you made for 2023?

Many people try to understand what is important for them in the New Year and also to get the opportunity to be confident in their health.

We sometimes challenge ourselves to make certain decisions and make even more efforts to dedicate ourselves to achieving them.

Setting goals and achieving them should be pleasant, not full of unnecessary pressure and stress. There is nothing worse than feeling like you let yourself down because you failed to meet your goal within the time frame you set. Especially if you feel you do not have enough vital energy or have no juice.

The decrease in the level of vital energy in people in the course of their lifespan most often occurs as a result of their transition from a normal state to a state of monotony or fatigue. In this regard, you should seriously think about creating opportunities for improvement in your life in order to achieve the goals you expect. Also, you should seek some external methods that will not distract from the main activity, be compact and easy to use, and not require large energy costs.

It has been proven that a decrease in a person’s vital energy is directly related to the deterioration of his/ her psychophysiological state.

Therefore, the correction of the psycho-physiological state will be aimed at maintaining health and high activity level.

To correct psychophysiological disorders, it is possible to use new non-invasive systemic methods and devices. New interactive neuro-adaptive electro regulators will help you. Even healthy people use them to improve their energy!

Are you wondering why you should buy SCENAR?

You may be new to this type of technology and be skeptical about whether it is suitable for your needs. Also, if you live in the US, visiting a medical practitioner may not be an option. This leaves you with the purchase of your own SCENAR device.

Will it really pay off in the end and bring you the relief or achievement you are looking for?

This is a great question, and to answer it fully, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of this product below.

Self-Controlled Energo-Adaptive Neuro-Adaptive Regulator

The main characteristics of interactive neuroadaptive electrical stimulators that determine their unique corrective capabilities and distinguish them from all currently known physiotherapeutic devices are the following:

  • well-chosen form of an electrical signal, that reminds a natural neuroimpulse;
  • high-amplitude (but not damaging) effects that can excite, without damaging, all types of nerve fibers of the human body;
  • absence (or significant reduction) of adaptation;
  • neutralization of the possible effect of accommodation (high steepness of the signal front);
  • due to the presence of biofeedback, each subsequent impulse differs from the previous one.

Electrical stimulators of this type activate both local reflex mechanisms and the general reaction of the body to the influence of an external factor.

The local effect of such treatment is the activation of blood microcirculation processes and the improvement of tissue trophism not only in the area of local exposure, but also in the internal organs reflexively associated with this area of the skin. During the procedure, the pulses change their original shape depending on the change in the electrical characteristics of the skin area at the site of the device application. SCENAR practitioners believe that they help your body regulate itself more effectively and give it a chance to bring your systems into balance.

The idea is that it is not the machine that heals, but your body itself is working to fix the problems!

The device is quite easy to use, you can hold it in your hand

Usually you will only feel a slight vibration on the treated area. By moving SCENAR device up and down the back or stomach or any other part of the body, you can find an area that needs extra attention. This can be distinguished by changes in your skin as the device passes by, or by changes in the sound of the current itself. This is usually quite noticeable and these changes are easy to catch. Once you find a spot that needs more treatment, simply allow the machine to do its work.

You can gradually increase the duration of your sessions if you wish, if more than one session is needed to resolve the issue.

Manufacturers inform users that acute conditions may resolve after one or two treatments, while chronic conditions require more time.

When using SCENARs you can count on a positive result of 80%.

There are reports that athletes use SCENAR to speed up recovery, increase strength and endurance.

So, if you’re looking for a feasible solution to a medical problem – either acute or chronic pain – FDA-cleared (510k) that doesn’t have harmful side effects, then SCENAR technology may be right for your needs (Rx). It has been designed to target the root cause of the disease so it can produce results in your situation. If you buy SCENAR to use at home, you may be able to positively change your condition, and it will be worth every penny!



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