Objectives of SCENAR Therapy to Improve a Person’s Health-Related Quality of Life

Objectives of SCENAR Therapy to Improve a Person’s Health-Related Quality of Life


This free webinar is everything you need to know about

SCENAR therapy is a pioneer in maintaining quality of life, based on functional system theories and biomedical engineering inventions that make it possible to influence these mechanisms.

This method of physiotherapy is based on the principles of neurotherapy and non-invasive neuromodulation using the SCENAR device.

SCENAR is a unique and exclusive patented technology for the specific treatment of the autonomic nervous system and is the quintessential tool for regulating the neurovegetative balance at the central and peripheral levels. This is where the term “neuroadaptive therapy” comes from.


The webinar will consist of the following topics showing how to help the patient with various health issues to maintain emotional and physical well-being:


1) Optimizing Quality of life.

    • Elimination of symptoms of diseases.
    • Rehabilitation after severe illnesses.
    • Pain therapy.

2) Algorithm on Selection of Treatment Zones.

    • Main treatment zones.
    • Additional treatment zones.

3) Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation SCENAR Techniques.

    • Vascular Effect of SCENAR Therapy.
    • SCENAR® Therapy for Joint Pain.

4) Insulin resistance. SCENAR procedures for normalization of:

    • Cell sensitivity to insulin.
    • Elimination of glucose-insulin swings.
    • Mandatory diet balancing.

Past webinar

Past webinar recorded and available for purchase and download! You can find it on the link.

Our webinars are intended for a global audience, so official language is English.

Trainers are: Dr.Iolanta Stanchak, MD (Ukraine), an experienced SCENAR specialist and therapist, accompanied by Roman Andrienko, PhD.

During this 2-hour webinar Dr. Iolanta will show her approach to working with SCENAR, which will give you much more confidence when working with your patients.

We encourage you to register to watch this interactive webinar in real time, so that you can benefit from the live Q&A where we will answer all your pressing questions throughout. If for some reason you are unable to make the webinar, please don’t worry, you can still register to watch the recording later.

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Should you have any questions, or wish to place an order, please feel free to contact us at Scenar.USA@gmail.com or (817) 228–2636 Olga Davis, PhD, Executive Administrator, Training and Support.


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