Obviously, there is no season that you don’t have to adjust your skincare routine to the weather changes. Cold and hot temperatures, extreme wind and humidity, unhealthy diet switches and occasional seasonal illnesses can be harsh on the skin, so it’s important to find some simple skin tips to help get your glow back every season.

We are convinced you can achieve flawless skin and look your best all year round if you incorporate SCENAR procedure in daily skincare routine.

SCENAR therapy simultaneously affects the skin, muscles, lymphatic and blood vessels, provides moisture to the deep layers of the skin, improves blood circulation, removes toxins and stimulates the restoration of the normal physiological activity of cells. That is why SCENAR-cosmetology gives stable and long-term results for any degree of a problematic skin condition. At the same time, the procedures themselves have a pleasant relaxing effect and are completely safe. SCENAR-cosmetology is performed for any type of skin, while dry or oily skin turn normal.

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Prophylactic use of SCENAR therapy allows to achieve a significant improvement in the tone of muscles such as chewing, cheek, zygomatic, frontal, procerus muscle (masseter, buccinator, zygomaticus, procerus, frontalis), which gives a pronounced effect of restoring the normal oval of the face and smoothes a number of facial wrinkles.

SCENAR procedure allows you to quickly restore the tone of weakened and damaged muscles, while it is possible to achieve both shortening and lengthening of the muscle. This effect is especially important in rehabilitation and aesthetic medicine, since it allows for non-operative face and body lifting with long-lasting effects.

Here are examples of the Effects of SCENAR-therapy in Cosmetology:

– Stimulation of cellular metabolism processes

– Restoration of microcirculation

– Recovery of muscle tone

– Lymphatic drainage effect

– Regeneration

– Stimulating collagen production

– Antioxidant effect

– Restoration of normal physiological activity of cells

SCENAR therapy includes special techniques designed to enhance the beauty of the patients. Skin detoxification, facial muscle myostimulation, local rash healing will not only help the skin look healthier and younger, but also stimulate its deeper layers for a longer lasting effect. At the same time, treating the whole body, treating the digestive system, lymphatic system, circulatory system, etc., brings the body’s metabolic functions to balance. As a result, puffiness is reduced, cellulite is evened out, body weight and volume are balanced, the skin remains more elastic, the subcutaneous muscles remain stronger, and the body begins to radiate radiance from itself.

So, remember, beauty is a side effect of being healthy inside and out. You will be amazed at what can be achieved when working with the body to enhance beauty, improve detoxification and protect your body from harmful toxins and stress, raise mood and self-esteem.


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