Preventive medicine is aimed not at treating diseases, but at keeping a human body in a state of “normality”, in a state of stable homeostasis (balance). This is a set of measures aimed at preventing the occurrence of diseases and injuries. A preventive approach is advisable, first of all, from the point of view of the well-being of people and prevention of more serious health problems in the future. Problem prevention is more effective than mitigation.

One of the non-drug methods of treatment aimed at correcting pathological changes by triggering the mechanisms of self-regulation of impaired functions, which in turn leads to the launch of the body’s self-healing process, is Self-Controlled Energy-Neuroadaptive Regulation (SCENAR therapy). Despite the fact that SCENAR is traditionally considered a curative therapy, some methods can be used for prophylactic purposes. Below are the special methods and algorithms in SCENAR therapy, which we can say with confidence that this is the “Preventive SCENAR therapy”.

Preparatory SCENAR procedures to improve blood microcirculation after undergoing operations / surgical interventions

Preparatory SCENAR procedures significantly improve the overall postoperative picture and contribute to a multiple reduction in the number of possible complications. Performing a cycle of preparatory SCENAR procedures provides activation of the lymphatic system and blood vessels, which accelerates epithelization and reduces postoperative edema.

Local effects of an impulse are manifested by activation of blood microcirculation processes and improvement of tissue trophism not only in the area of a local SCENAR treatment, but also in the internal organs associated with this area of the skin (according to the principle of skin-visceral reflex). Improvement of microcirculation forms the morphofunctional basis of anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, resorption and hypotensive effects of SCENAR therapy. It is interesting to note that SCENAR not only dilates the vessels when they are in a state of spasm, but also narrows the vessels when they are dilated (arteries). Clinical cases show that the healing effect of plastic wounds with the help of preparatory SCENAR therapy is obvious and occurs much faster.

Pre-workout preventive SCENAR therapy.

The use of SCENAR therapy before training increases the blood saturation of the muscles, which makes it possible to increase the efficiency of training and accelerate recovery after a possible overload.

To avoid frequent “overtraining” and the body’s suffering from exceeding the load limit, use the following SCENAR methods:

1. “Treating the area.”

Device settings: D – 0, F=40Hz, Int=>5, or Home device –F-60Hz

Place the electrode on the projection of the tendon closest to the base of the limb (the place where the muscle is attached to the bone) and begin to slowly “rub” the skin projection of the selected muscle.

Do not lift/ remove the electrode during the procedure.

The speed of treating the zone – an area equal to the surface of the palm – should be 30 seconds. If a place of “stickiness” of the electrode is found, additionally treat it in D-1 till Dose (*) on each point (position of the electrode).

Or in D-2, F-60Fz, Int=3.

2. “Center of the muscle mass” is used if the area of the muscles to be treated is very large (more than two palms). Palpating the muscle find the “thickest” spot. In anatomy, this place is called the “belly of the muscle”.
Device settings: D – 0, F=60Hz, Int.=>7 , or FM+Int=8, or Preset: Preparation, Myo.

Place the electrode on this spot and treat for 30 seconds. Move to the next muscle.
The use of SCENAR therapy is very effective for adaptation to conditions of low atmospheric pressure, for prevention of “mountain” sickness and adaptation to physical activity in conditions of oxygen deficiency.

Prevention of skin aging

SCENAR therapy simultaneously affects the skin, muscles, lymphatic and blood vessels, provides moisture to the deep layers of the skin, improves blood circulation, removes toxins and stimulates the restoration of the normal physiological activity of cells. That is why SCENAR-cosmetology gives stable and long-term results for any degree of a problematic skin condition. At the same time, the procedures themselves have a pleasant relaxing effect and are completely safe. SCENAR cosmetology is performed for any type of skin, while dry or oily skin turn normal.
Prophylactic use of SCENAR therapy allows to achieve a significant improvement in the tone of muscles such as chewing, cheek, zygomatic, frontal, procerus muscle (masseter, buccinator, rigomaticus, procerus, frontalis), which gives a pronounced effect of restoring the normal oval of the face and smoothes a number of facial wrinkles.
SCENAR procedure allows you to quickly restore the tone of weakened and damaged muscles, while it is possible to achieve both shortening and lengthening of the muscle. This effect is especially important in rehabilitation and aesthetic medicine, since it allows for non-operative face and body lifting with the very long lasting effects.
Here are examples of the Cosmetologically Effects of SCENAR-therapy:

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– Stimulation of cellular metabolism processes
– Restoration of microcirculation
– Recovery of muscle tone
– Lymphatic drainage effect
– Regeneration
– Stimulating collagen production
– Antioxidant effect
– Restoration of normal physiological activity of cells.

You can find more details on the topic in our webinar:

Incorporating SCENAR Therapy In Beauty and Aesthetics Procedures

Prevention of osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a bone disease in which bones lose their strength and can break even with a slight load or impact, and bone tissue regeneration occurs very slowly.
Preventive use of SCENAR therapy contributes to the improvement of well-being, and the normalization of the activity of the systems responsible for the metabolism, on the normal functioning of which the condition of the bones depends.
SCENAR therapy is aimed at the central nervous system, at its regulation. The most effective treatment zones are:

    1. Collar Zone – the zone of early manifestations of osteoporosis. It is recommended to apply various techniques on the cervical-collar zone (including SCENAR techniques “COLLAR ZONE” (CZ) in D-0 and “Wings”).
    2. The abdominal zone is treated with the purpose of:
      – Improvement of bowel function, as well as absorption of calcium and vitamins
      – Improvement of the liver, pancreas, stomach and duodenum
      – Tightening the anterior abdominal muscles
      It is recommended to use SCENAR techniques: “ABDOMEN zone” (4 abdominal squares) upper and lower, “Crosses”, “Circles on the abdomen”, “(Laps) Spirals on the abdomen”.
      D – 0, FM, E – сomf.
    3. Hormonal SCENAR techniques are necessary to provide the normalization of hormonal balance in the elderly, hormonal imbalance in women (menopause).

It is recommended to use the SCENAR techniques: “Hormonal techniques. Variant # 1, 2”. you can watch them on YouTube Ritm Scenar:

4. Treatment of the head / SCENAR Protocol “Cranial therapy/ Craniotherapy”- is used as a prophylaxis to normalize the work of the vessels of the head

Prevention of acute respiratory viral diseases

It is especially important to note that in connection with the pandemic of coronavirus infection, the need has sharply increased in various ways and methods to strengthen immunity and activate the protective capabilities of the human body.

For the prevention of acute respiratory viral diseases, use SCENAR to treat the following areas:

  1. The projections of the maxillary and frontal sinuses, the wings of the nose for 2-3 minutes each. SCENAR technique “TREATING 6 POINTS ON THE FACE”.
  2. Neck (“SCENAR technique “PIROGOV’S RING””) for 5 minutes.
  3. The projection of the submandibular lymph nodes, lymph nodes in front of the ears, behind the ears and on the neck under the ears for 2-3 minutes.
  4. The projection of the nasolabial fold for 2-3 minutes from each side.
  5. The projection of the lower parts of the lungs on the back from the lower edge of the ribs to the lower angle of the shoulder blades.
  6. Zones of General Adaptation Systems – use SCENAR technique “ZONES OF GENERAL ADAPTATION SYSTEMS”- a technique to increase adaptive capabilities and enhance immunity. In this technique, 15 zones are treated, connected by the mechanisms of adaptation of the organism and providing a response of the adaptive systems.


More details – follow the link
SCENAR provides physical and emotional wellness in the midst of uncertainty caused by COVID.PDF

This report is based on the research materials developed by Y.Gorfinkel, A.Revenko, N.Loiko and recommendations of B.Kulizhsky.

RITMSCENAR has been cleared by the FDA (Canada and Mexico Health) Israel, S Korea, TGA, CE Europe for use in treating Chronic & Acute Pain.




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