Small Electrode

RITMSCENAR coaxial electrode “Small electrode”

Remote electrodes considerably enhance the capabilities of your RITMSCENAR Device, improve its therapeutic effect, and assist with treating the body parts difficult to access with the Device as well as to reduce the mechanical load on the SCENAR device, thus prolonging the device’s durability.

RITMSCENAR “Small electrodeis an accessory for cosmetic and therapeutic treatment sessions, made of special steel, which provides safe application (FDA cleared).
This electrode has many useful functions for self-treatment.
A smaller version of the RITMSCENAR coaxial electrode; used as a “plugged-in”/ remote/ external one.
Small electrode is used for treating the face and other parts of the body where the built-in electrode may be too cumbersome to apply. Works well on smaller areas like wings of nose, fingers, ankles, and hard-to-reach areas on the back.
It is suitable for treating children due to its small size and smooth surface.

Small electrode is widely used in Cosmetology. Here are some of the SCENAR therapy benefits when used for beauty and aesthetic purposes:

– it is a non-toxic, non-invasive treatment which is harmless and good for your skin;
– it can help facial muscles to be firm by performing special SENAR techniques;
– when properly applied it provides non-surgical face lift; reduce wrinkles and tone the skin;
– by performing the proper Drainage Techniques can result in Detoxification of the body.

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