Effectiveness of SCENAR treatment for Common Eye Diseases and Vision Problems

Effectiveness of SCENAR treatment for Common Eye Diseases and Vision Problems


Part 1. Acute Eye Conditions and Disorders

Lately we have been receiving many requests for SCENAR protocols that can be used with various eye-related issues. Today we are sharing the recommendations of our partner-therapists and hope you find them useful.

This is a typical protocol that has been used for several years mostly with positive results. However, there is nothing typical or standardized in life and health, and this protocol gives only general guidelines.

RITMSCENAR® Device is a leader in the field of pain management involving complementary medical technologies. Electro-stimulation devices are prescribed for the treatment of acute and chronic pain.

Eye trauma (orbital injury) or the area around it (periorbital injury) is often associated with significant eye injury, and the role of the ophthalmologist is important in diagnosing and initiating a treatment for these injuries.

Once you have received all the necessary first aid procedures, you can use SCENAR therapy to expedite the recovery of most eye injuries.

Download full PDF version ⬇️ Part 1. Acute Eye Conditions and Disorders


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  • Tony Whieldon
    03/02/2023 6:42 PM

    Hello. I have owned a Scenar for well over ten years and find it invaluable for muscle pain in particular. But in trying to update my knowledge of how to use it – particularly for ocular migraines that I increasingly experience as I get older – I find I cannot download any of the PDFs that appear to be available. Am I missing a step?

    Thank you in anticipation, Tony Whieldon


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