SCENAR-technology is based on the body’s adaptation mechanism, which ensures dynamic balance and homeostasis. The regulation of the vital activity of the body is achieved by the close connection and interaction of the nervous and endocrine systems. The impact of these systems leads to the release of biologically active chemical modulators called neurotransmitters.

The goal of SCENAR therapy is to induce the secretion of neuropeptides in an amount sufficient to relieve pain and initiate the healing process. This is achieved by active feedback mechanisms, dual polarity electrical impulses and individually dosed treatment mode.

While conventional therapeutic devices are passive, SCENAR uses active reflex biofeedback, which means that the device actively interacts with the processes occurring in the body. SCENAR device does this by controlling the impedance of the skin and then changing the electrical impulse it emits accordingly. Therefore, active reflex biofeedback means that maximum therapeutic efficacy can be achieved.

The hierarchy of control in the body explains the need for “targeting” in SCENAR therapy as a bioresonance therapy. If the signal from the affected area reached the hypothalamus, i.e. from the cell (skin…), the first level of regulation, to the hypothalamus, the highest level of regulation, where it was supported by a signal from the nervous system, (5 identical, in terms of parameters, signals), then a SPECIFIC response signal will be “heard” only by those SPECIFIC cells, for which it was intended. (“The central effect of SCENAR-uplift: Self-healing of the body through the activation of the anterior hypothalamus” //Chebkasov SD. Bereshpolova Yu I.).

The characteristics of SCENAR pulse are such that the probability of excitation of thin neuropeptide-secreting nerve fibers is higher than that of traditional methods of electrotherapy. SCENAR allows you to activate the maximum area of the nervous tissue, especially small nociceptive fibers, which have a higher excitation threshold.

This is necessary to achieve the optimal response of the patient’s body to the release of the neuropeptide.

SCENAR-impulse parameters are grouped according to certain application purposes.

So, the built-in combinations of settings (presets) allow you to quickly apply the correct set of functions for the therapy of a given patient.

For example, Preset “AcuteTrauma”:

High intensity, high frequency stimulation included in this preset has a calming effect on excessive or very active processes in the body. Widely used in inflammatory reactions, muscle hypertonicity and to reduce edema (edema).

Think of situations such as acute postoperative trauma, inflammation of the bursa, inflammation of the tendons, and other fascia-related complaints with (stabbing) pain.

A package of calming SCENAR signals sent to the brain “says”: “Calm down, here and now”. It then listens for microseconds to make sure the message was understood, after which the conversation continues. It acts as a management coach.

Even though it is still very important to understand the physics and philosophy of SCENAR therapy, to know what settings like Frequency, FM and AM, Intensity, GAP and Damping mean and how they change SCENAR signal, we encourage the therapists to use SCENAR devices with presets (e.g., FORCE) to enhance the effectiveness and reduce the time of the treatment.

SCENAR devices may include up to 32 factory presets. The Save menu allows to save up to 5 user presets (user values of Dose, AM, FM, Dmp, F, Int, and Gap).

During our SCENAR trainings most of our participants expressed the desire to have these versatile combinations to treat various complaints.

So now we have 32 PRESETS in SCENAR FORCE

With its 32 Presets, FORCE can be used straight out of the box and provide effective treatment with minimal training required for the practitioner.

1 Fast Aid
2 SubAcute
3 ChronicPain
4 Irradiation
5 PointPain
6 LocalPain
7 Symetry
8 Centr.Pain

9 Periph.Pain
10 JointAcute
11 JointChron
12 JointTraum
13 JointCaps
14 Trigger
15 Preparation
16 Myo

17 Relax
18 LittlMuscul
19 BigMuscul
20 Myo Sup
21 Myo Uni
22 Myo Deep
23 Stim Relax
24 Myo Isoton

25 Sport Prep
26 Sport After
27 Milk Acid
28 Acute Trauma
29 Limph
30 Low FM
31 High FM
32 FM-Var


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