SCENAR Treatment options of DRIs (Dog Related Injuries)

SCENAR Treatment options of DRIs (Dog Related Injuries)


Whenever we take our four-legged friends outside for a walk, they go crazy. It is not uncommon for anyone who has spent a significant amount of time walking their dogs to find that while dogs are our best friends, overexcited dog on a leash though can hurt. We never know when our dog might get interested in a squirrel or cat.
So, the most common mechanism of injury is that the dog pulls you on a leash. Of course, it has happened to every parent of a dog at least once that a sharp tug on the leash shakes a fur parent, causing a new injury or aggravating an old one.

Among the most painful DRIs (Dog Related Injuries), caused by walking a dog that pulls, are.

  • Sprains of the interphalangeal and metacarpophalangeal joints of the fingers;
  • Wrist ligament injuries;
  • Elbow ligament injuries (similar to tennis and golfer’s elbow) and forearm muscle strains.
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