SCENAR Treatment to Reduce Various Allergy Symptoms and Reactions. SCENAR Detox Procedures.

SCENAR Treatment to Reduce Various Allergy Symptoms


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SCENAR Treatment to Reduce Various Allergy Symptoms and Reactions. SCENAR Detox Procedures.

Allergies are basically an abnormal response of the immune system to a harmless substance such as pollens, fungal spores, house-dust mites, and animal epithelial materials but can also include drugs, biologic products, and insect venoms. An allergic response happens when the body’s immune system overreacts to allergens by overproducing neutralizing chemicals such as histamines to correct the problem. The traditional medicine treats the symptoms of allergies by suppressing the immune system with drugs such as antihistamines which don’t treat the underlying cause and only make you drowsy and nutrient depleted.

Let’s try to figure out what allergy is and what types are there, why antihistamines are ineffective for allergy relief and how SCENAR electro-pulse therapy helps reduce the allergy symptoms.


The webinar will consist of the following topics showing how to help the patient with various allergy reactions and how to successfully detox the body:

  1. Main types of allergies.
  2. Diseases of an allergic nature. Allergic reactions of the body: swelling, shock.

Respiratory allergies.

  1. SCENAR therapy as an effective means of helping during allergies.
  2. SCENAR Techniques: “Lymphatic drainage”. Anti-Edema protocol.
  3. Practical recommendations, SCENAR therapy for various pathologies caused by allergies.
  4. General adaptation’s SCENAR techniques

SCENAR therapy during Seasonal Allergies

Past webinar

Past webinar recorded and available for purchase and download! You can find it on the link.

This is an advanced webinar for SCENAR professionals.

Our webinars are intended for a global audience, so official language is English.

Our trainer: Dr.Iolanta Stanchak, MD (Ukraine) is an experienced SCENAR specialist and trainer.

During this 4-hour webinar Dr. Iolanta will show her approach to working with SCENAR, which will give you much more confidence when working with your patients.

We encourage you to register to watch this interactive webinar in real time, so that you can benefit from the live Q&A where we will answer all your pressing questions throughout. If for some reason you are unable to make the webinar, please don’t worry, you can still register to watch the recording later.

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