SCENAR Therapy for Patients of Geriatric Age


Aging is a universal and natural biological process, characterized by gradualness, non-simultaneity and irreversibility, leading to a decrease in adaptive capabilities and human vitality.
Geriatricians provide specialized care that focuses on prevention and management of the complex medical, psychological, and social problems that older adults experience in
order to maintain and promote the independence and well-being of the elderly individual.

The patients of the geriatric age are characterized by:

  1.  Polymorbidity – the presence of several diseases occurring simultaneously in
    different phases and stages of their development.
  2.  Polypharmacy – the prescription of a large number of medications due to the
    desire to increase the effectiveness of treatment, to help the patient heal from all
    the diseases he has developed.

Difficulties and features of the therapy in geriatrics:

  1.  Increased risk of adverse drug effects.
  2.  Inadmissibility of polypharmacy. Selection of the most relevant process for
  3.  Optimal doses, strict individualization.
  4.  Prescription of trial small doses. Determination of individual tolerance.
  5.  To prevent addiction, take breaks and increase the dosage.
  6.  The cumulative effects are possible.
  7.  Often a negative attitude towards recovery, obvious symptoms of improvement;
    taking into account the mental state and intelligence.
  8.  Proper food, water, salt regimes, diuresis control.
  9.  Rational active-motor regime, general hygiene measures.
  10.  Possibility of outside care.

All these create sometimes insurmountable difficulties in the treatment of the geriatric patients.

The aging of the population observed throughout the world, an increase in morbidity, an increase in the consumption of medication and associated complications have led to
the search for new, sometimes alternative, sometimes complementary methods of treatment.

One of them is SCENAR therapy. SCENAR is a self-controlled energy-neuroadaptive regulator – the device that is designed for therapeutic, non-invasive impact of
electric pulse current on the skin and mucous membranes of a person in order to provide a general regulating effect on the physiological systems.

SCENAR-therapy is a set of methods and protocols for obtaining a single final
positive result – activation of the body’s reserves.

The effectiveness of SCENAR therapy:

  1.  Powerful high-amplitude and at the same time short non-damaging effect.
  2.  Significant variability of the signal, due to the presence of biotechnical feedback,
    where each subsequent pulse differs from the previous one.
  3.  Electrostatic massage.
  4.  Method of treatment: movement of the device during the treatment, activation of
    many places, selection of special areas of treatment, etc.
  5.  For the body, this is a constantly “new”, structurally altered signal of treatment.
  6.  SCENAR “heals” the most important process.
    The main doctrine of SCENAR’s work is not nosological, but sanogenetic, which
    provides for the use of means that enhance the protective-adaptive mechanisms of the
    patient’s body, general strengthening treatment; stimulation of collagen formation and
    osteogenesis; specific and nonspecific hypo sensitization, increased body reactivity.

Features of the elderly body that are important for SCENAR therapy:

  1.  Decrease in adaptive capabilities.
  2.  Decreased blood flow.
  3.  Changes in the permeability of cell membranes and capillaries.
  4.  Decrease in the activity of enzyme systems involved in the metabolism of
  5.  Decrease in oxidative processes.
  6.  Change in water and electrolyte metabolism.
  7.  Decrease in body weight.

Principles of treatment in geriatrics:

  •  “It is necessary to treat when it is impossible not to treat”
  •  At the patient’s bedside one must think:
  1.  About the possibility of drug-free treatment.
  2.  About reducing the number of drugs and reducing their dose, individual selection.
  3.  Not about what should be prescribed to the patient, but what you can do without.

Effectiveness of SCENAR treatment:

  1.  Combined therapy with the inclusion of SCENAR stabilizes the clinical course of
    the disease, significantly reduces the number of severe attacks and / or, in case of
    pain of minor intensity, reduces them to a minimum, provides prevention of
    repeated episodes of destabilization of the body.
  2.  SCENAR and the Healing blanket are effective in treating chronic diseases in the
  3.  SCENAR provides regression of chronic pathologies and symptoms of most
    chronic diseases in elderly patients.
  4.  SCENAR therapy gives relief of oxidative stress, which is part of the rejuvenation
    and anti-aging program.
  5.  SCENAR therapy leads to restoration of sensitivity to drugs.
  6.  Restoration of the functioning of the system of vital processes regulation in the
  7.  SCENAR therapy provides the maximum reduction in the risk of complications
    from chronic pathologies and death from them.
  8.  SCENAR therapy provides an improvement in the quality of life in elderly

When treating elderly people remember – the easier SCENAR technique the better.  There is a classic protocol that can be used for elderly people:

1) direct projection of the complaint; work in D-0.
2) symmetrical area; work in D-1 till Dose (*).
3) reciprocal area; work in D-1 till Dose (*).
4) segment of the spine in the projection of the complaint, D-0, physiological

If the process is chronic, the ability to recover itself is reduced, so it is recommended to additionally process the sternum, Collar zone, adrenal and liver areas.
This should be done not in one day, alternate, combine with each other. Take 2-3 zones for treatment for one procedure. The elderly patients who receive SCENAR therapy begin to perform everyday tasks better, their attention, logical thinking and visual memory improve, as well as their social activity. SCENAR therapy demonstrates a positive influence on the activity of the cortex of the brain, which leads to the improvement in the quality of cerebration (mental activity). It would be appropriate to introduce SCENAR therapy with the purpose of correction and preventive maintenance in the cognitive disorders of the elderly.

Overall, understanding SCENAR principles and accepting effectiveness of SCENAR therapy earlier in life will assure your freedom from pain and support your health,
confidence, and independence, even when you are a senior citizen of the geriatric age.

Overall, understanding SCENAR principles and accepting effectiveness of SCENAR


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